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We handle a very large range of our clients' properties from the ex-local authority to dwellings of £5,000,000-plus property, including the attractive Victorian Houses of the Pimlico Grid, as well as those of the most sought after squares.

As experienced property professionals, the company undertakes property sales through target advertising, personalised direct mailing to potential buyers or by personal contacts. Staff select the best method to provide a service to match your needs.

Area We Serve

We are situated in the charming Moreton Street in Pimlico and cover the whole of Pimilico as well as neighbouring area of Victoria and the western part of Westminster.

Pimlico has been fashionable since the 16th century, easily accessible yet quietly way from London's commercial centres. Its public gardens were much frequented on holidays so that 'to walk in Pimilico' can mean to promenade in all one's finery. The name, by the way, recalls Old Ben Pimlico, a brewer noted for his nut brown ale. Pimlico today is a pleasant mainstream, it is within easy reach of business centres, stores and theatres by bus, underground or taxi. It has a good mix of fine period properties and modern and refurbished apartments. Whether you are interested in a main residence, a secondary apartment or in commercial premises, Pimlico provides an excellent investment area.